A true hero: Frank Ocean

I'm sure you all have heard by now about Frank Ocean writing a thank you letter and admitting in it that his first love…
Genevieve Neon
Genevieve Neon Jul 05, 2012

Vintage is so Last Year

Before I get started let me just state this is just me and my personal opinion. This vintage thing has been going on too long…
Genevieve Neon
Genevieve Neon Apr 26, 2012

Is Nicki Minaj retiring from rap?

The female rap superstar Nicki Minaj was quoted as saying to radio host Tim Westwood that she might be thinking about retiring from rap…
Genevieve Neon
Genevieve Neon Apr 24, 2012
Genevieve Neon
Genevieve Neon Apr 23, 2012

Who the hell is gonna win RuPaul's Drag Race Season 4!?

After a long and hard battle we now have our finale three contestants to see who will win the crown of being America's next…

Paul & Joe Kitty Makeup

Reblogged from Audrey Kitching Words can not describe my overwhelming feeling of joy looking at this. Genius. Thanks for the tip Kellu!
Genevieve Neon
Genevieve Neon Jan 08, 2012 Originally by audrey
Tyler, The Creatorpic

"What people say about me is none of my business."

I wouldn't be who I am today if it wasn't for the drag queens. Seventh grade was my worst and best school year. I…
Genevieve Neon
Genevieve Neon Nov 01, 2011

Random diary post type thing: Makeup Makeup Makeup

Today my mom and I went to Sally's Beauty Store to get her some hair dye. Let me just say it took alittle bit…
Genevieve Neon
Genevieve Neon Oct 30, 2011

Anya Ayoung-Chee

Anya is a contestant on this season's Project Runway. She is the 2008 Miss Trinidad and Tobago Universe winner. With only 4 months of…
Genevieve Neon
Genevieve Neon Oct 22, 2011

I dedicate my first post too....

BEST COAST!!! I am in love and obsessed with them! If anybody knows and likes this band you automatically gain 5000 points in my book. …
Genevieve Neon
Genevieve Neon Oct 22, 2011
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